3.0-kristina.vThe Mystique of Tools and the Search for You
Have you noticed how ridiculously easy it is to get caught up in the software tools of art and design? It’s just like opening up a tube of cadmium orange for the first time and thinking to yourself, “I own color!” This is understandable. Powerful discoveries can be pretty exciting, and they seem to grow more powerful, more desirable and accessible all the time.

That said, have you ever sensed that perhaps something seems missing but you’re not exactly sure what that is? The tools may be fun but you seem to be hitting the same wall time after time? Your tools, after all, can’t think for you. Techniques aren’t endowed with good taste or sound judgment. Both can extend your talent, but they can’t develop it.

That thirst you may be feeling for something that brings it all together can certainly be quenched. By beginning to understand the fundamental principles of visual relationships, you will begin to assert control over your creativity in ways that may have eluded you before.